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Welcome to the Family is our reality show that showcases the lives of The Potentialists in weekly episodes. Join the entire family for our Season 4 adventures as we travel the world, changing lives, while having a lot of fun and laughs along the way. There is never one dull moment in THIS family.

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Bert Oliva | Motivation Mogul
Bert Oliva is a Human Behavior Expert. He is the founder and owner of BOWAworld.

The Potentialists is a group of interesting and driven professionals led by Bert Oliva

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Welcome to the Family | Season 4

THE SPECIAL EVENT (Season 4, Episode 2)

Who is your go-to friend for emotional support? How is social media becoming a universal language? Why is networking so important? Watch to find out! The Motivation Mogul, Marketing Crusader and the rest of the BOWA Team visit a friend recovering from a stroke and are amazed by her positive attitude. Then the team speak at The Special Event 2016 in Orlando.

MOTIVATING MIAMI’S YOUTH (Season 4, Episode 1)

What will happen in the new season of Welcome to the Family? What can you learn from the Motivational Missionaries? Watch to find out! The Motivational Missionaries have officially landed on U.S. soil! Don't miss the inaugural presentation for the 501 C3 nonprofit led by Motivation Mogul Bert Oliva with his team of Potentialists.