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Welcome to the Family is our reality show that showcases the lives of The Potentialists in weekly episodes. Join the entire family for our Season 1 adventures as we travel the world, changing lives, while having a lot of fun and laughs along the way. There is never one dull moment in THIS family.

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Bert Oliva | Motivation Mogul
Bert Oliva is a Human Behavior Expert. He is the founder and owner of BOWAworld.

The Potentialists is a group of interesting and driven professionals led by Bert Oliva

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Welcome to the Family | Season 1

SANTA’S ENCHANTED FOREST (Season 1, Episode 219)

What is your favorite ride? Where can you find a cage full of tigers? HOw long does it take to setup Santa's Enchanted Forest? Watch to find out! Bert Oliva and his team of Potentialists visit Santa's Enchanted Forest where they get VIP treatment from the parks director. Learn the history, experience the shows and enjoy some rides!

WINTERFEST 2013 (Season 1, Episode 218)

What is WinterFest? Who's in attendance at the annual gala? What is it like backstage with Sugarhill? Watch to find out! The Motivation Mogul, Marketing Crusader, I.T. Wizard, Creative Overlord and Stunt Vlogger attend the annual black-tie WinterFest gala where they go behind the scenes to interview Sugarhill and even go onstage with the band during their live performance.

WHAT IS THE POWER FORUM (Season 1, Episode 217)

What is a BOWAworld Power Forum? Are you ready to make a positive difference in your life? How can attending one change your life? Watch to find out! The Motivation Mogul and the rest of the BOWA team let you in on an exclusive behind the scenes of one of the marquee workshops, the BOWAworld Power Forum.

911 CROSSFIT (Season 1, Episode 216)

What is crossfit? Who's taking the challenge? How can it change your life? Watch to find out! The Motivation Mogul, Marketing Crusader and the rest of the BOWAteam visit Jim Sayih's 911 Crossfit gym, which inspires one of the BOWAkidz in a remarkable way.

WOMEN’S SUCCESS SUMMIT 2013 PART 2 (Season 1, Episode 215)

Who's going to rock the house? How do you setup for an event? What makes the crowd go wild? Watch to find out! Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the preparation and teamwork that goes into action before the Motivation Mogul takes the stage to close out a successful Woman's Success Summit event.

WOMENS SUCCESS SUMMIT 2013 PART 1 (Season 1, Episode 214)

What is the Women's Success Summit? How do you manage time on stage? What is Bert's ultimatum? Watch to find out! Bert Oliva and his team of Potentialists are invited to be the closing speaker for a two day event in Miami. When time schedules need to be altered will Bert's ultimatum ruin the gig?